I have been doing taxes for about 10 to 15 years before I started at ZipRefund, mostly working from home doing friends and family.

I tried a few of the in office companies, but, I did not like the hours and being away from my little one for so long.

I love doing taxes and helping people get the maximum refund. ZipRefund has very good pricing and they have a fantastic support system when u run into trouble.

I love this company because they really treat me and my business like I am an individual and important to overall well-being of the company and our customers.

I look forward to many more years as a ZipRefunder.

A. Gipson
Flint, MI.

Finding Zip Refund was a stroke of luck!

I had wanted to forge out on my own as an independent tax preparer for years, but did not have thousands to invest in commercial tax prep software.

Zip Refund gave me an alternative to meet that need. With easy to use software, marketing materials at my disposal, and tech support available around the clock, I have been able to launch my own home business as an independent tax preparer and consultant.

I tripled my client base in my 2nd year and am entering my 3rd year in 2016. Looking forward to my future profits with Zip Refund.

Thank you so much for being there to help me be all I can be!

R. Blackstock
Clarksville, TN

ZipRefund is great. They provided me with everything I needed to start my tax business, and the best part of all, was that I did not have to spend one dime of my own money.
I have only been working with ZipRefund for a year, and I can truly say that it has been a wonderful experience. As an experienced tax preparer, I could never afford to go out on my own, so I worked as a hourly employee for someone else. But thanks to ZipRefund, I make so much more money now.

I highly recommend ZipRefund. So, if you are interested in starting your own home based tax business, then join our team ZipRefund. You will be glad you did.

Sharon C.
Rustin, LA

Working with The ZipRefund team has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Everything you need to run a successful tax business is at your fingertips!

I recommend their service to anyone who's looking to get started in the tax preparation industry.

A. Dixon
Brookhaven, MS

I've been with Zip Refund for 3yrs and they have given me the opportunity to become more independent and really make money during the Tax season while growing my business more and more every year.

If you’re lucky enough to have Cara as your representative, she's always available to help and troubleshoot a problem, though you'll run into very few.
I recommend Zip Refund to anyone that is tired of the Big name run around.
"Work your worth" with Zip Refund!

S. Brealand
Shiloh, IL

After 13 years of working for major tax preparation companies I had decided to go into business for myself. It was late in the year around October or November of 2013 when I decided to make this move so I was late trying to get everything prepared. There was no way I could get my EFIN in time. So I started looking for companies where I could still have my own business as an independent contractor. So I started looking online and found quite a few but their stipulations did not sit well with me. I was about to end my search until I saw Zip Refund. The company was offering EVERYTHING I needed plus a little more. I was able to get everything from the company and setup in 1 week’s time.

My first season with Zip Refund was awesome. I was able to provide my clients with all the same bank products as I usually had which made the season much easier for me and especially my clients. I really enjoyed how easy it was to communicate with my Zip Refund representative. She was there whenever I had a question and if she wasn’t available she provided the contact information of another representative. I truly am honored to say that I partnered with Zip Refund and we are the best!!!

T. Tyler
Jackson, MS

Zip Refund is a great company to work with. I had no idea a concept like this existed but I am glad I found it. They provided me everything I needed including support in working more independently. I used to work at a franchise and only got paid by the hour but now I receive great commission for what I was already doing. I highly recommend Zip Refund as the next step up of going it on your own.

M. Johnson
Prescott, AZ

My experience with Zip Refund taught me how to run my own business as independent business owner. It has been a great experience working with an incredible company that you can depend on.

J. Perez
Bronx, NY

Since joining the Zip Refund family, I've grown as a person and business woman. I came into the business working from home and now I am a proud Zip Refund location owner. I am a single parent of two wonderful children whom both motivate me to drive for success. The managers at Zip Refund are informational, creative, supporting, and wonderful people to work for. As I expand my business, I am proud to say that Zip Refund plays a key role in how I will serve in my community as a Tax Preparer. I don't see me working for any other company. I see myself apart of Zip Refund for a long time.

L. Martin
Jackson, MS

I've worked for Zip Refund for going on 3yrs. I've enjoyed my position as a Tax Preparer, and I am Blessed & Grateful to work for such a wonderful company. The System is wonderful and user friendly, not to mention very convenient for myself and my clients. I'm a single mother and my sons schedule is crazy. A lot of my clients work hectic hours & have children, as well, & a tax office is not an idea of fun for children, so it’s nice that I can go to my clients and it doesn't take from their schedule.  If ever, I need help I have a wonderful boss. who is an email or phone call away to assist me! I highly recommend Zip Refund as a place to have your Tax Career and a place to have your taxes prepared! 

E. Ugas
Ontario, CA