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Zip refund

Tax Preparer Jobs

ZipRefund offers tax preparer jobs to those who want to be self employed during tax season with a little help along the way. Instead of working for those larger franchises such as HR Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax you can work autonomously with us.

Best Tax Preparer Job

We provide you everything* and more than the Liberty Taxes and Jackson Hewitt tax companies of the day. We at Zip Refund know what others pay you and how they treat you and because we have a independent contractor relationship, you get paid more and we treat you better.

What we provide for our tax preparers

We provide for all of our tax preparers at NO cost to you :

  • the tax refund software that you can use on any computer as it is web based

  • the tax bank products

  • the marketing material of a large tax franchise

  • the freedom to work your own hours and your own location

  • the autonomy to make as much money as you want and need

  • weekly paychecks

  • training and support before and throughout the season

  • much more.

Based on tax law, you must have a PTIN number. It is important to us that anyone that takes a tax preparer job with Zip Refund, is educated and understands the tax code, so experience and/or schooling is required.

Apply here to find out more about our tax preparer jobs.


* we do not provide clients or a location

* Due to certain requirements and laws in Oregon, we do not hire anyone from Oregon. : Contact Info

Zip refund
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Zip refund
We are licensed in all 50 states. California CTEC number is available upon request. Copyright © 2009- ZipRefund™
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